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An unexpected meeting with a Lumberjocks buddy

Last September, I received the email excerpted below: “Greetings Brad, We have a new case study to create. It is with a system builder partner of ours in the UK…” A fortnight hence, I had finished my work in Leicester, … Continue reading

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Restoring a $3.00 garage sale backsaw find

The Craig’s List ad said there were some old woodworking tools. That’s it. No pictures, no heart-throbbing prose. Still, the garage sale was in an older neighborhood. And close by in case it was a bust. So I fired up … Continue reading

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Rehabbing a Coffin Smoother For Use In My Shop

History, curiosity, performance. Those are the three things that motivated me to add a coffin smoother to my tool kit. I got this plane at an antique mall in Scottsdale last summer. It had air conditioning and I reasoned that … Continue reading

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Repairing a vintage handsaw handle

“We’re going to have to cut out a big chunk to save her,” I could hear the saw-handle doctor saying. “We’ll also have to deal with that cheek chip.” I swallowed hard before he continued. “The horn repair is pretty … Continue reading

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Rehabbing a SB Router Plane #71 Type 8

My tool kit has longed for a router plane for some time. Why? Because my dados need their bottoms flattened to a consistent depth. Because my rabbets need to be trued—and to the same depth. Because my tenons need to … Continue reading

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Handsaw honey hole: 6 saws and a miter box

In the words of the baseball great Sammy Sosa, “Garage sales have been very, very, good to me.” Or at least that’s what I’d think he’d say if his run of saw luck was as good as mine. The Craig’s … Continue reading

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J.H. Noble No.1 Backsaw rehab-Why two carcass saws?

Not long after I finished rehabbing my Disston #4 backsaw, I stumbled across this little beauty on eBay. Some of you might be wondering ‘why would he need two 12″ crosscut backsaws?’ Truth be told, I didn’t. But at 11 … Continue reading

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