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Pegboard Tool Storage Epiphany #3: Try Square Rack—Giving your squares a secure home.

I’ve found that L-hooks are the gateway drug to creating pegboard storage accessories for all my tools. Since my first post on this subject, I’ve built a backsaw till, and the square rack that I’ll highlight here. The original design … Continue reading

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The New Traditional Woodworker Project #2: Slip-sliding-A W A Y!-A sticking board to hold my stock…and my sanity.

It’s no accident that I chose to make this project. You see, I’ve been promising to build my lady a wine rack—and not delivering it—for so long that she’s convinced I’m working a day job as a politician. In my … Continue reading

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Rehabbing a SB #5C-Putting a decade’s old tool back to work.

Here’s a SB #5C I picked up at an estate sale. I actually had a frown on my face when I first spied it because I had just finished looking at some overpriced saws in very sorry condition. The eight … Continue reading

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Racking up Bench Appliances—How to store bulky appliances in a small space

It seems that wood appliances are to hand-tool users what jigs are to power-tool users. And they multiply like little bunny rabbits. I have three so far, two of which I use all the time. My current shooting board (A1 … Continue reading

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