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Time to replace my pesky saw vise

My first shop-built vise was great. Or so I thought. But after a few years of sharpening saws, its deficiencies became annoyances. See how my 28” Disston protrudes to the left? That translates into moving the saw two times for … Continue reading

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Making a New Handle for late-model Millers Falls No. 1124 Miter box Saw

I like my Millers Falls No. 1124 miter box. It came with the latest-model Disston saw, made around the time Eisenhower was president (1953-1955.) And while the saw isn’t considered great quality compared to earlier vintages of the same model, … Continue reading

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Pegboard Tool Storage Epiphany #4: Hand drill storage rack

If you’re like me, your workshop space is at a premium. Situated in an L-shaped portion of the garage, I have to make every square inch count. One day, I woke up and decided I was fed up with “drill … Continue reading

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Free Maple! And giving back to a neighbor

Tim and Dianne are the kind of neighbors you love to have. Always ready to lend a hand and very handy at everything from blowing out your sprinklers for the winter to throwing an awesome block party. So at the … Continue reading

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Building a wall-mounted wine-glass rack-Beginning with the end in mind.

My lady deserves better. At least that’s what I told myself when I rationalized what was taking me so long to tackle something as straightforward as a wine-glass rack. First it was, “I want more practice dovetailing,” then it was … Continue reading

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The New Traditional Woodworker Project #2: Slip-sliding-A W A Y!-A sticking board to hold my stock…and my sanity.

It’s no accident that I chose to make this project. You see, I’ve been promising to build my lady a wine rack—and not delivering it—for so long that she’s convinced I’m working a day job as a politician. In my … Continue reading

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How to (and not to) repair that tote: My Stanley Bailey #7 Type 11 journey

When I first got back into woodworking, there was a period where I scoured Ebay for hand planes. Along the way I picked up a Stanley Bailey #7, Type 11 jointer for $61.04. At the time, I thought it was … Continue reading

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