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Time to replace my pesky saw vise

My first shop-built vise was great. Or so I thought. But after a few years of sharpening saws, its deficiencies became annoyances. See how my 28” Disston protrudes to the left? That translates into moving the saw two times for … Continue reading

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My New Cheaper-Faster-Stronger-Tidier Sharpening System and Station

When I first got into woodworking, I bought some Norton water stones. They were messy, required constant flattening and I never did get good results with them. So I went with the Scary Sharp (SS) method. And very quickly, I … Continue reading

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How I finally got a handle on tanged tools.

When I first got into sharpening my own saws, I crafted file handles out of wood scraps. The unshaped, rectangle wood pieces dug into my hand and didn’t allow for much filing finesse. Next I tried making handles out of … Continue reading

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Filling a hole in my saw nest: Rehabbing a panel saw and converting it to rip

I saw a lot of boards in my vise. I also “stub” the toes of my long, 26″ hand saws while using them with my saw bench. The bench is the appropriate height for the knee of a 5′ 6″ … Continue reading

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Disston saw rehabbing-Part 2-Sharpening, testing and adding to tool kit

Disston Backsaw Rehab-2-Sharpening I’ll be honest. The thought of sharpening all those little teeth, with their attendant geometries has always intimidated me. But so did tuning my first Stanley Bailey Type 11 smoother. And what I’ve learned from tuning my … Continue reading

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