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Pegboard Tool Storage Epiphany #4: Hand drill storage rack

If you’re like me, your workshop space is at a premium. Situated in an L-shaped portion of the garage, I have to make every square inch count. One day, I woke up and decided I was fed up with “drill … Continue reading

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Restoring a Skinner 6” Brace

Having finished the rehab of the 10” Skinner brace, and practicing my restoration techniques on an 8” brace, it was time to move on to restoring my “new” 6” Skinner beauty. Rather than bore you with repetitive details that you … Continue reading

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Rehabbing an English Brace—Before and after eye candy for a 10” Skinner hand drill

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. Soon after finishing my restoration of “Dusty” an 8” Stanley brace—based on Andy’s superb “Humble Hand Brace” series—Christmas came early to my doorstep. My buddy Andy was kind enough to hook me up … Continue reading

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Brace yourself: the nuanced differences between restoration and rehabbing

Andy, a prolific contributor to, posted a comprehensive blog series about hand braces.  He started his superb tutorial by restoring a hand drill. And his subject was an 8″ Skinner brace that he dubbed “Rusty”. A few things immediately … Continue reading

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