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Organizing the kid’s clothes

The eight- and five year-old girls living next door love to play make believe. True to their art, they make several costume changes during each “show.” From princess dresses to butterfly wings, their theatrical wardrobe is extensive. So much so, … Continue reading

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The New Traditional Woodworker Project #3—Thin planing stop

Planing stops are an essential aid for a hand-tool shop like mine. A tip I saw in some magazine inspired me to make a couple. The first is a ¾” thick stop made with ¾” oak dowel stock spaced to … Continue reading

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Putting tools within arm’s reach—Two under-bench drawers

Maybe it’s because I’m a type A personality. But when I work at my bench, I like to have the tools I use most all within arm’s reach. I find that this setup maintains the flow of work. However, as … Continue reading

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Free Maple! And giving back to a neighbor

Tim and Dianne are the kind of neighbors you love to have. Always ready to lend a hand and very handy at everything from blowing out your sprinklers for the winter to throwing an awesome block party. So at the … Continue reading

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My first Drill Press-And the education that goes with it.

“Does it run?”, I asked the goatee-wearing college kid working the estate sale. “I don’t know, let’s plug it in and see.” So we did. And it ran. But it made a loud rumbling sound. “Could be the bearings,” goatee-boy … Continue reading

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Building a wall-mounted wine-glass rack #5: Mounting and loading with fine crystal

In my last post, the rack was assembled, finished and drying in my workshop. After a busy workweek, I finally had the time to put up rack and start enjoy its space-liberating bounty. Mounting This sucker is heavy. And the … Continue reading

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Building a wall-mounted wine-glass rack #4-Finishing

In my last post, I completed the first subassembly, cut the glass-retention slats to size and beaded the half-slats. Before affixing them to the shelf, it was time to put some finish on everything. On my first prototype, I used … Continue reading

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