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Restoring a depression-era Miterbox for a 21st-century workshop: Part 1-Acquisition

During a rust-hunting expedition last summer, I picked up six saws and a miterbox. I didn’t really “need” it because I already had two sitting on shelves at home. Still, this one had all the earmarks of an industrial-age tool—definitely … Continue reading

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Rehabbing a Coffin Smoother For Use In My Shop

History, curiosity, performance. Those are the three things that motivated me to add a coffin smoother to my tool kit. I got this plane at an antique mall in Scottsdale last summer. It had air conditioning and I reasoned that … Continue reading

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How I finally got a handle on tanged tools.

When I first got into sharpening my own saws, I crafted file handles out of wood scraps. The unshaped, rectangle wood pieces dug into my hand and didn’t allow for much filing finesse. Next I tried making handles out of … Continue reading

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Spicing up your handtool life with unusual planes

When I first got into hand planes, I focused on picking up bench planes for use in my shop. Then I started adding specialty planes, like a scrub plane to dimension wood. After that it was joinery planes (plow, rabbet … Continue reading

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