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Tooling up with estate sales #2-How to equip your hand-tool shop for pennies on the dollar

Tip #1: Optimize your time by scouting out good possibilities I primarily go to estate sales listed on I also scour Craig’s List for tool-laden estate and garage sales. If you were to plot my estate sale finds on … Continue reading

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REVIEW of a Stanley No 60 Miter Box

A review of the features and benefits of the vintage, Stanley #60 miterbox and saw. Continue reading

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My Stanley 60 ½ block plane makeover-PM-V11® blade upgrade

This is one of the first woodworking tools I ever owned. According to Patrick Leach of Patrick’s Blood and Gore Stanley plane pages, on the one hand “The plane is a must-have for woodworkers,” while on the other hand, you … Continue reading

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An unexpected meeting with a Lumberjocks buddy

Last September, I received the email excerpted below: “Greetings Brad, We have a new case study to create. It is with a system builder partner of ours in the UK…” A fortnight hence, I had finished my work in Leicester, … Continue reading

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Restoring a $3.00 garage sale backsaw find

The Craig’s List ad said there were some old woodworking tools. That’s it. No pictures, no heart-throbbing prose. Still, the garage sale was in an older neighborhood. And close by in case it was a bust. So I fired up … Continue reading

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Restoring a depression-era Miterbox for a 21st-century workshop: Part 3-Finding a suitable vintage saw

In my last post, we talked about the restoration of my Goodell Manufacturing Co. miterbox. I also detailed the fabrication of missing parts, as well as the process of mounting the whole affair to a base. Next, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Restoring a depression-era Miterbox for a 21st-century workshop: Part 2-Restoration, fabrication of parts and mounting to a base

In my last post, I talked a bit about acquiring my Goodell Manufacturing Co. miterbox and researching its history. In this post, I’ll detail the restoration I did of it. The restoration When I was a kid, I was great … Continue reading

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