Time to replace my pesky saw vise

My first shop-built vise was great. Or so I thought. But after a few years of sharpening saws, its deficiencies became annoyances.

P03-Original smaller saw vise

See how my 28” Disston protrudes to the left? That translates into moving the saw two times for each sharpening. (This puppy is filed rip. For a XC configuration I’d have to move it four times.) That meant a process of clamping, unclamping, clamping, unclamping, clamping and unclamping. What a pain. Still, I never seemed to get around to building a better one.

Then one day, I plopped down $6.00 for a 26”, 9 tpi Simmonds handsaw in need of some serious jointing. So facing a heap of sharpening, I decided to build a vise adapted to my needs.

Here’s a model that caught my eye. My apologies to the Lumberjock who built it because I can’t find the pic again to attribute it to them.

P02-Inspiration for my saw vise

The Renaissance Woodworker built a similar vise in this video.

From his build I tweaked my design to be 29” wide, include 2” metal hinges on the bottom, and add suede leather to line the jaws.

P01-Saw vise plan

And from design to a finished vise…

P7-Full view-saw clamped-big enough for largest saw

P8-Full view-Holds tenon saw too

After many uses, I’ve come to love the performance I get from this vise. It accommodates all the saws in my till—from the 28” monsters to a dovetail saw—for clamp-it-once sharpening (rip, and -twice for XC.) I just seat the saw vise in my bench’s face vise, put in the saw and clamp it all down. The leather-lined jaws serve both to boost the gripping power of the vise as well as to dampen vibration.

P4-Finished ViseP5-Finished Vise Side View with 2 inch long hingeP6-Side view closeup of leather covered jaws and angled jaws

© 2016, Brad Chittim, all rights reserved.



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By day, I'm a mild-mannered copywriter who harnesses frontal-lobe creativity (right brain) to help B2B marketers generate leads and sales. By night I pick up hand tools to create wooden masterpieces...and give my black lab Bella the "red dot" laser to chase after.
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1 Response to Time to replace my pesky saw vise

  1. yrmh1 says:

    Very nice – like this design a lot! So do you find the leather to be of added value in the vise?

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