If you love hand tools the way I do, then you enjoy looking at pictures of vintage tools. So much so, that this class of photography is referred to as tool porn. I rehab many vintage tools. I’ve already blogged about processes and procedures to milk out the best results and performance. If I have more to add on that subject, I’ll blog about it. Most times however, I don’t. For those projects, I’ll post the before/after pics here for your viewing pleasure.

Stanley #6-Rehab
I’ve been in the market for a #6 for some time, so when I saw one on eBay with a local address I figured I’d save the shipping by picking it up myself. It wasn’t without its flaws—more rust than I’m used to seeing, and a tote that looked like a cheap aftermarket one. I hoped it was just the picture but when I picked it up it was as I had suspected.

Here it is fresh from ebay:

And some closeups…

I switched out a spare tote I had for the aftermarket one. Then broke out the dremel, Evaporust and sand paper to deal with the rust. FYI, don’t use the steel dremel brush to clean the jappanning because it will damage the surface by leaving gouges. Lesson learned.

After finishing, here’s what emerged:

And, of course, can’t leave you guys hanging without the money shot:

She can take some really fine shavings, but I won’t be using her for that. She’s my foreplane (with corrugated bottom), pure and simple. A’fore the 5, 7, and smoothers do their magic.



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