Drill press table drawer organizer

If your shop is anything like mine, it slowly accumulates tools and accessories. Take my drill press for example. After completing a drill press table to be woodworking friendly, it needed two stops and two hold-downs to secure stock.


At first, I kept all four items on the table but found that I was removing two or three of them to complete a drilling operation. An endless cycle of remove 1, 2, 3 accessories, conduct the boring then replace all the pieces. What a waste of time.

In addition to the table accoutrements, there’s the multitude of drill press accessories that need a home.

Drum sanders, matching inserts and replacement inserts; not to mention overly long bits.


So after removing/adding table accessories for the thousandth time I decided to build an under-table drawer. In theory, it would provide a convenient home for many of my accessories and replace the remove-most-everything-then-replace-it cycle with, add-only-what-you need convenience. And it would reduce some clutter by getting accessories out of site.

Fueled by those hopes, I picked a wide pine board from my stash and built a U-shaped carcass to accept the drawer.


The overall dimensions are 6 ½” wide by 13” long by 4 ½” high. I used simple butt joints secured by glue and wood screws.

This I affixed under the table by driving screws from above. I inset the carcass so that the drawer front plus the pull were a hair recessed from the front lip of the table.

For the drawer, I used butt joints as well.


And I fashioned a drawer pull out of walnut. In fact, I used a piece of left over “pull” stock from the computer monitor pedestal project I recently completed.


After that, I lined the ¼” plywood bottom with rubbery shelf liner, and loaded up some accessories.


The pine I used came from my boyhood home, and I think it was originally harvested in the 1970s. So after a coat of tung oil, the grain took on a pleasing appearance.


So far, it’s performing as I had hoped. It keeps the accessories I use most close at hand and has reduced clutter in my shop.

So if your drill press area looks like an accessory bomb went off, propelling accoutrement fragments all over the place, you may wish to add a drawer to help clean things up a bit.

Happy boring brothers and sisters!



About The Write Biz

By day, I'm a mild-mannered copywriter who harnesses frontal-lobe creativity (right brain) to help B2B marketers generate leads and sales. By night I pick up hand tools to create wooden masterpieces...and give my black lab Bella the "red dot" laser to chase after.
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