Shop Upgrade: Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

So what’s it going to be this year guys? Is your lady going to cook you a nice meal for V Day? Get you some boxers with hearts on it? Perhaps dinner and a movie with some after-show cuddling back at the homestead?

Well, I’ll be taking my girl out for some fine food and wine, but she’s already covered her V-Day obligations to me.

She gave me the gift of light.

My before shop space light consisted of jury-rigged halogen utility lamps hung from the ceiling along with one measly, feeble, Federally-mandated CFL bulb barely illuminating the garage concrete floor. Needless to say, it wasn’t that good.

Here’s what it looked like before:

We bought some inexpensive T8 bulb fixtures at Home Depot and hired an electrician to hard-wire and install them. We had a few other things done too, but I figure you really don’t care about the ceiling light/fan she had installed in my home office.

“Let there be light,” saeth the Lord, and there was light
Boy is there! I can actually see my workspace now.

The four-bulb fixture over my workbench illuminates everything I’m sawing/chopping/drilling upon.

The two-bulb fixture to the side of the garage lights up my sharpening and bench-grinder area.

And a two-bulb fixture replaced the single, paltry CFL bulb that used to pretend to light up the garage.

And best of all, the new lights are on a separate circuit—not the outlet by my bench. Moreover, the new lighting allowed me to free up two over-bench outlets formerly used by my halogens. What this means in daily use is that I’m no longer tripping circuit breakers when I fire up the space heater, router, hand-held belt sander and such.

Now that gentlemen, is a gift that expresses true love 🙂 My Lady Gail outdid herself.


About The Write Biz

By day, I'm a mild-mannered copywriter who harnesses frontal-lobe creativity (right brain) to help B2B marketers generate leads and sales. By night I pick up hand tools to create wooden masterpieces...and give my black lab Bella the "red dot" laser to chase after.
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