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By day, I'm a mild-mannered copywriter who harnesses frontal-lobe creativity (right brain) to help B2B marketers generate leads and sales. By night I pick up hand tools to create wooden masterpieces...and give my black lab Bella the "red dot" laser to chase after.

Rust-hunting serendipity—A year of searching turns up “Precious” parts

About a year ago, I restored a Goodell Manufacturing Co. miterbox. It was lacking both of its accessories when I originally bought it. A slide post to facilitate crown moulding cuts, and a length gauge slide. It was also missing … Continue reading

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Into each life a #4 must fall: Stanley #4-T11-pictoral essay and rehab

On a recent rust hunt, I happened across a Stanley #4. The very reasonable price and three patent dates behind the frog motivated me to have the nice lady open the display case. Once it was in my covetous little … Continue reading

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My Stanley 60 ½ block plane makeover-PM-V11® blade upgrade

This is one of the first woodworking tools I ever owned. According to Patrick Leach of Patrick’s Blood and Gore Stanley plane pages, on the one hand “The plane is a must-have for woodworkers,” while on the other hand, you … Continue reading

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What were the best gifts you ever received?

No doubt, you have your own short list. Gifts that found their way into your eager little hands come Christmas, your birthday or at your bar mitzvah. But not just any gifts. I’m talking about the ones that you remember … Continue reading

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A Problem-child Stanley Transitional #26 Jack Plane

While meandering through an antique store, something toolish and vintage wooed me into a stall. It was a Stanley #26 transitional jack plane. Not that there’s anything remarkable about them. But what set this one apart was its just-came-off-the-assembly-line looks. … Continue reading

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Destoration of a Stanley #80 Cabinet Scraper

A couple of years ago, I was rummaging through a dusty box of vintage tools at an estate sale. My wish list at the time included a Stanley #80 cabinet scraper. I wanted something for wily-grained woods. That’s because my … Continue reading

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Pegboard Tool Storage Epiphany #4: Hand drill storage rack

If you’re like me, your workshop space is at a premium. Situated in an L-shaped portion of the garage, I have to make every square inch count. One day, I woke up and decided I was fed up with “drill … Continue reading

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The New Traditional Woodworker Project #3—Thin planing stop

Planing stops are an essential aid for a hand-tool shop like mine. A tip I saw in some magazine inspired me to make a couple. The first is a ¾” thick stop made with ¾” oak dowel stock spaced to … Continue reading

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A utilitarian kitchen utensil holder that’s easy on the eyes

I hate fighting with my better half over kitchen stuff. Take this utensil holder for example. See how it’s crammed full of spatulas, ladles, spoons, spoons and a spoon with a hole in it? That’s about half of what we’d … Continue reading

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An unexpected meeting with a Lumberjocks buddy

Last September, I received the email excerpted below: “Greetings Brad, We have a new case study to create. It is with a system builder partner of ours in the UK…” A fortnight hence, I had finished my work in Leicester, … Continue reading

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